The Trauma of a Mental Illness Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with a mental illness can be traumatic. Establishing a new normal is a process but is possible. You may need to grieve what has changed for you as you start and stay in recovery. You'll discover new talents along the way that you did not have prior to mental illness. #No2MHStigma

I no longer believe hurtful thoughts based on pain and fear

Evolving to a place that questions the dark/negative/critical voices or thoughts many if not all people have experienced is possible. Mental illness often exacerbates how bad you feel about yourself. It has been my default to accept that I am only alive to be used by others and I no longer buy into these destructive thoughts or beliefs about myself. Although I have felt this way since I was a child, I now am in a place to discount or silence these thoughts in a loving, accept

"I was raped" - trauma, masks and mental illness

Wearing masks is a protective hiding technique used by a lot of people including me. Masks helped me survive my childhood and became a default protective barrier between me and difficult emotions/situations. I have utilized a customized support network (family, friends, support groups and professional support) to SAFELY remove masks and release traumas my body has been caring for a long time. Masks also allowed for me to have professional success during the times I was sickes